Mobile Patrols

Complete Security Protection (CSP) provides a professionally operated mobile security patrol service, which is there to help prevent any unnecessary disruption to your business. CSP patrol services are a cost effective alternative to on-site security officers. Inspections of premises are conducted upon a random basis and are unpredictable, so potential vandals or intruders never know when the patrol officer is on site.

Our flexible services, which are normally shared with our other clients, can be tailored to suit your needs, providing external and internal inspections with patrol officers checking all designated doors, windows, gates, locks and security lighting etc.

Complete Security Protection also uses the latest UNIGUARD Operating System with real-time GPS, notifications, and checkpoint scans for your peace of mind. Furthermore we supply attendance reports to our customers on a weekly or monthly basis should they be required.

  • Mobile Security Patrols
  • Mobile Alarm Response
  • Radio Controlled Vehicles
  • Opening and Closing Services
  • 24 Hour Control Room

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