Frequently Asked Questions

In Victoria, all Security Guards and Crowd Controllers are required to hold a relevant licence. They must complete a recognised course with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) which is approved by the Licensing Regulation Division (LRD), who are part of VICTORIA Police. Once they successfully complete this course, they then apply for the relevant licence with LRD. Any Security Guard or Crowd Controller cannot work until they have received their relevant licence (card like a driving licence) from LRD.

All licensed Security Guards and Crowd Controllers DO NOT have any extra arrest powers like POLICE. They can make a citizens arrest like any member of the public can under the CRIMES ACT, Victoria.

Crowd Controllers must by law, wear a Crowd Control number whilst they are performing any duties that involves crowd control or crowd management. These duties may include working in licensed venues, clubs, pubs, music festivals & any events where there are going to be crowds of people etc.

Yes, a licensed Security Guard or Crowd Controller must carry their licence on them at all times whilst working. Any member of the Police Force can ask them to produce their licence for checking at any time, whilst they are working.

This also applies to licensed Bodyguards, Armed Security Guards, Investigators and Security Advisors in Victoria.

Yes, different types of de-escalation methods, both verbal and non-verbal, are taught during their courses.

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